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Jatka.in bridges the gap between job seekers and employers and emerges as a unique platform for candidates to build crisp and high-impact résumés that catch the eye, maximizing their chances to nail their dream job.

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  • What We Are

    When it comes to the job scenario in the professional landscape, the competition out there is extremely fierce and getting that one interview call seems like a distant dream for a job seeker.One of the major problems, we must realize, is a weak resume! It is important that a resume is appealing, has the relevance and content that reflects professionalism and effectiveness and depicts a job seeker as the best candidate for the job.
    Most people struggle with writing their own resumes and often rely on their friends to create a profile of their own. This dependency often results in an incomplete and a weak resume! When it comes to resume writing, one needs to ensure that it is effective enough to grab the attention of potential recruiters. Some crucial aspects that a well-structured resume needs to address are -

    • Make a first impression as it is key to a successful interview,
    • Create a compelling case of one’s candidature,
    • Adapt to the market dynamics,
    • Engage content in order to keep ahead of the competition,
  • How does Jatka.in work?

    The job seeker can login to Jatka.in and select from a pool of predefined resume templates that are tailor made to match their respective profile so as to highlight and showcase their skills and achievements in a professionally appealing way.The best part about Jatka.in is that it consists of predefined customizable templates, which are formed keeping in mind what employers and recruitment firms ideally look for in a CV in terms of its content and format. They also contain industry-specific keywords which appeal to potential employers when a profile is browsed.

  • Jatka.in in a nutshell

    If you want to unlock your chances for an exceptional career path, try Jatka.in, the one and only ideal resume making engine that helps create, depict and connect you to a better professional world.
    To conclude, here’s what it’s all about -

    • Resume making engine that caters to job seekers (fresher or experienced professionals)
    • Consists of dynamic predefined templates containing industry-specific keywords
    • Assistance of certified professional content writers with 10+ years of expertise
    • A recruiter’s tool to get specific candidate details as per a pre-set company format

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Jatka.in is the perfect solution and one-stop software that enables Jobseeker to independently and effortlessly create their resume with just a few clicks. It consists of a plethora of dynamic predefined templates from which the job seeker may choose based on their respective industry, domain and level of experience.

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